Oase BioPress Pond Filter

Just a little fishy can supply and fit a range of filters to your pond, please contact me to discuss your requirements. 

Combination of mechanical biological cleaning and effective UVC technology. Including OASE Clear Water Guarantee. Ideal for supplying higher elevated watercourses. A patented cleaning function integrated into the cover facilitates the cleaning of the filter. The quick release provides easy filter opening and closing for maintenance purposes. It can be buried for almost invisible integration in the garden. Supplied with all hose connections for fast and trouble-free installation.

Cleaning Handle:

Oase has developed a revolutionary cleaning mechanism to help reduce the amount of filter maintenance required. The handle located in the head of the filter can be pulled up this, in turn, raises a platform that holds the filter sponges. Pulling fully squeezes the sponges releasing all the dirt and waste build up on the sponges meaning you don't have to get your hands dirty and prolongs the life of the sponges. Having already diverted the output to nearby trees and plants the nutrients rich water can be released and used as a liquid fertiliser.

Quick Release:

The Oase BioPress works by creating a vacuum and building up pressure to release the water. This vacuum is held down by two easy release clips. This is a huge benefit when maintaining the filter as no tools are required to remove any parts.

Integrated UVC Unit:

The UVC unit integrated in the cover ensures fast elimination of algae and reduction in pathogens in the pond water. After the water has been biologically and mechanically filtered it then passes past the UV bulb which breaks down the cell wall of the algae destroying it, this reduces the chance of green water. Its recommend that the UV bulb is replaced every year at the start of pond season.

Filter Materials:

The canister body of the BioPress is packed full of course sponges that perform both mechanical filtration and biological filtration. The sponges have been designed to capture the maximum amount of debris and dirt in the water. They have also been designed to give the largest possible surface area to allow biological bacteria to grow.

  • Clearwater guaranteed through the ideal combination of filter, pump and UVC technology

  • Easy cleaning via the cleaning function integrated into the cover

  • The filter can be almost completely buried for almost invisible integration in the environment

  • Quick-release provides easy filter opening and closing for maintenance purposes

  • A higher elevated watercourse can be supplied with cleaned water

  • Supplied with all hose connections for fast and trouble-free installation

Please note that as an outdoor electrical item, this product is not supplied with a plug.


Pond lighting 

Pond & Garden Lighting

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